An Open-source File Format API Guide For Developers

Using open-source APIs and libraries, learn to create, edit, convert, and manipulate PDF, 3D, CAD, Spreadsheet, image, & other file formats with examples.

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Try our collections of Open-source File Format APIs for development of stunning applictions in .NET, Java, Python, and many other programming languages. Learn about the details of file formats with example codes in different programming languages.

Word Processing

File Format APIs

Open-Source APIs for creating word processing applications in .NET, Java, Python and PHP. Learn from ready-to-run code examples and snippets to get started.

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File Format APIs

Build Powerful Spreadsheet Processing Applications - Easy to use Java, PHP, Python and .NET APIs to load, create, and modify Microsoft Excel files from within your applications.

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File Format APIs

Load, create and modify Microsoft PowerPoint files using Java, PHP, Python and C++ programming languages without undergoing internal file format of these files.

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File Format APIs

Open-Source PDF File Format APIs allow developers to read, create or edit PDF files using Free Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Go & C++ libraries. Build powerful PDF processing applications with these APIs.

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File Format APIs

Explore a list of powerful Email File Format APIs to load & process Microsoft Outlook files using .NET, Java, Python & PHP-based open-source libraries.

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File Format APIs

Create, load, modify and publish Ebook File Formats from your Java, .NET, Python, and JavaScript applications without going in details of underlying file structure.

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Learn about open-source APIs and libraries

Open Source APIs for Audio File Formats

Develop applications having the ability to create, save, record, and convert numerous Audio file formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, WV, WEBM, and so on.

Image File Formats and APIs

Developers can create, read, modify, & convert popular image file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF using open-source libraries.

File Structure of PDF Files and APIs

Generate, modify & convert simple and complex PDF Documents via Open-source libraries.

Open Source APIs for 3D Files

Generate and manage a wide variety of 3D charts required to be easily used in client-side as well as server-side applications.

CAD File Extensions and Associated File Formats

Create, modify, read, render, manipulate & convert simple and complex AutoCAD Drawings via Open-source libraries.

Word Processing File Formats and APIs

Read, write, convert & manipulate Microsoft Word DOC & DOCX files via .NET, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript & PHP.

Your one-stop shop to learn about commonly used file formats

FileFormat is the leading developer guide for .NET, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript & PHP document manipulation libraries. Our APIs are used by some of the most iconic worldwide brands, and we provide unparalleled support to our customers. Whether you're a software company, educational or financial institution, or consulting firm, with our solutions you can streamline your document and image processing needs, as well as enjoy an exceptional app development experience with us.

Discover File Extensions and Related File Formats.

3D File Formats and APIs required to open and create 3D files

  • Learn about the 3MF file format and APIs required to open and create 3MF files.
  • Learn about OBJ file format and APIs required to view and generate OBJ files.

Compression File Formats and APIs required to open and create archive files

  • Learn about CIT File - Cite Report Project File Format.
  • Find out about APZ files and the APIs needed to create and view them.

EBook File Formats and APIs required to open and create eBook files

  • Learn about EPUB file format and APIs required to load and save EPUB files.
  • Learn about PRC File Format - Mobipocket eBook File.

VDW - Visio Graphics Service File Format

  • Learn about VTX file format and APIs required to export and open VTX files.
  • Learn about VSD - Visio Drawing File Format.

Open Source APIs for Video File Formats

  • Learn about MKV file format and APIs required to render and load MKV files.
  • Learn about WEBM file formats and APIs required to save and open WEBM files.

Web File Extensions and Associated File Formats

  • Learn about XHTM file format and APIs required to manage and load XHTM files.
  • Learn about SHTML file format and APIs to build and open SHTML files.

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