Essential Guide to Open-source File Format APIs for Developers

Explore tools for creating, editing, converting, and manipulating files from Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDFs, 3D models, CAD designs, and more

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Compression File Formats and APIs required to open and create archive files

  • Learn about CIT File - Cite Report Project File Format.
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EBook File Formats and APIs required to open and create eBook files

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VDW - Visio Graphics Service File Format

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  • Learn about VSD - Visio Drawing File Format.

Open Source APIs for Video File Formats

  • Learn about MKV file format and APIs required to render and load MKV files.
  • Learn about WEBM file formats and APIs required to save and open WEBM files.

Web File Extensions and Associated File Formats

  • Learn about XHTM file format and APIs required to manage and load XHTM files.
  • Learn about SHTML file format and APIs to build and open SHTML files.

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